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VGM (Video Game Music) Sheet Music by Olimar12345 is home to a number of different musical transcriptions and arrangements created by the user Olimar12345. All of the content posted here is created by Olimar12345 himself, unless otherwise stated. Additionally, all content is offered for free download and no one monetizes from anything here in any way; this is simply a hobby.


Olimar12345 is a degree-holding musician of all facets, being a performer and educator by day and a writer and arranger by night. When not musically involved, Olimar12345 enjoys playing video games, which in turn inspire him musically, and thus the cycle continues. Check out his SoundCloud page for more!


Q: Can you make an arrangement/transcription of ____?
A: I am open to all requests, but since this is a hobby I cannot guarantee anything will be created absolutely. Think of them as simply suggestions. (see the Contact page to get in touch with me)

Q: I’ve seen arrangements of yours elsewhere on the internet! Why is that?
A: You may have! I have indeed allowed other sites to host arrangements of mine in the past. However, I would encourage you to use the versions hosted here, since each arrangement has been carefully revisited and revised before being uploaded. These versions are the most recent editions and are of the highest quality.

Q: Can I use sheets/midis from this site for my own video/remix/etc.?
A: Certainly! However, since I work very hard to provide free sheet music and midi files for the public, I would greatly appreciate it if you would credit, mention, or tag me in some form so that I may be able to find and enjoy it too!

Q: The link to ____ isn’t working! What do I do?
A: If you stumble upon an error or a downed-link, send me a message via the contact page and I will try to fix it ASAP!

Q: Can I hire you do transcribe/arrange for me?
A: Yes, please send any and all inquiries to me through the contact page.

©VGM Sheet Music by Olimar12345 2021

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