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[3DS] – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Town Hall [PDF] [Midi]

[N64] – Donkey Kong 64

Hunky Chunky [PDF] [Midi]
Tiny’s Barrel [PDF] [Midi]

[NDS] – LovePlus

Manaka Unrequired Love [PDF] [Midi]

[NDS] New Super Mario Bros.

Athletic Theme [PDF] [Midi]
Overworld Theme [PDF] [Midi]

[NDS] – Super Princess Peach

Fury Volcano 2 [PDF] [Midi]

[SNES] – Super Mario All-Stars 

Game Select [PDF] [Midi]
Title Theme [PDF] [Midi]

[WiiU] – Pikmin 3

Title Theme [PDF] [Midi]

[NES] – Balloon Fight

Main Theme [PDF] [Midi]

[NES] – Ice Climber

Title Theme [PDF] [Midi]

[PC] – Long Live The Queen

Attend Court [PDF] [Midi]
Charlotte [PDF] [Midi]
Epilogue [PDF] [Midi]
Introduction [PDF] [Midi]
Reprise [PDF] [Midi]
Room Settle (Elodie’s Room) – Studying [PDF] [Midi]
Shanjia [PDF] [Midi]
Talking (Busy) [PDF] [Midi]
Talking (Fragile – Calm) [PDF] [Midi]
Talking (Happy) [PDF] [Midi]
Talking (Worried) [PDF] [Midi]
Title Screen (God Save The Queen) [PDF] [Midi]

[PC] – Minecraft

Subwoofer Lullaby [PDF] [Midi]
Wet Hands [PDF] [Midi]

[SNES] – Donkey Kong Country

Gang-Plank Galleon [PDF] [Midi]

[N64] – Super Mario 64

Bob-Omb Battlefield [PDF] [Midi]
Haunted Merry-Go-Round [PDF] [Midi]
Piranha Plant Lullaby [PDF] [Midi]

[SNES] – Super Mario World

Bonus Screen [PDF] [Midi]
Swimming [PDF] [Midi]
Title Theme [PDF] [Midi]

[Wii] – Wii Channels

Wii Shop Channel [PDF] [Midi]

[SNES] – Star Fox

Corneria – The Base [PDF] [Midi]

[NES] – Wario’s Woods

Story Mode – Birdo [PDF] [Midi]

[GB] – Pokémon Gold Version & Pokémon Silver Version

Azalea Town [PDF] [Midi]
Encounter! Innocent Cutie [PDF] [Midi]
National Park [PDF] [Midi]
New Bark Town [PDF] [Midi]

[GCN] – Animal Crossing

1:00 P.M. [PDF] [Midi]
2:00 A.M. [PDF] [Midi]
5:00 P.M. [PDF] [Midi]
7:00 A.M. [PDF] [Midi]
Able Sisters [PDF] [Midi]
Finished Already [PDF] [Midi]
K.K. Bossa (Aircheck) [PDF] [Midi]
K.K. Chorale (Aircheck) [PDF] [Midi]
K.K. Étude (Aircheck) [PDF] [Midi]
K.K. Jazz (Aircheck) [PDF] [Midi]
K.K. Ragtime (Aircheck) [PDF] [Midi]
K.K. Swing (Aircheck) [PDF] [Midi]
Rainy Day [PDF] [Midi]
Title Theme [PDF] [Midi]

[NDS] – Animal Crossing: Wild World

7:00 P.M. [PDF] [Midi]
Post Office (Day) [PDF] [Midi]
Shampoodle [PDF] [Midi]
The Roost [PDF] [Midi]
Town Gate [PDF] [Midi]

[3DS] – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Bubblegum K.K. (Aircheck) [PDF] [Midi]
Main Theme [PDF] [Midi]
Super T&T (Supermarket) [PDF] [Midi]

[SW] – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Main Theme [PDF] [Midi]

[GBA] – Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games

Introduction (in collaboration with Altissimo) [PDF] [Midi]

[MUL] – Cuphead

Carnival Kerfuffle [PDF] [Midi]