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[MUL] – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Boss Defeated [PDF] [Midi]
Graveyard [PDF] [Midi]
Ilia’s Theme [PDF] [Midi]

[NES] – The Legend of Zelda

Death Mountain [PDF] [Midi]
Ending [PDF] [Midi]
Game Over [PDF] [Midi]
Labyrinth [PDF] [Midi]
Opening [PDF] [Midi]
Overworld [PDF] [Midi]
Sounds [PDF] [Midi]
The Legend of Zelda OST (tracks 1-13) [PDF]

[NES] – Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Battle Theme [PDF] [Midi]
Ending / Staff Roll [PDF] [Midi]
Guardian / Temple Clear [PDF] [Midi]
Last Guardian / Triforce Fanfare [PDF] [Midi]
Overworld [PDF] [Midi]
Palace [PDF] [Midi]
Sounds [PDF] [Midi]
The Great Palace [PDF] [Midi]
Title Screen / Prologue [PDF] [Midi]
Town [PDF] [Midi]
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link OST (tracks 1-18) [PDF]

[3DS] –  Fairune

Field [PDF] [Midi]

[MUL] – Pink Heaven

Shikatanaikoto [PDF] [Midi]

[NES] – Super Mario Bros. 2

Underground Theme [PDF] [Midi]

[PC] – Clannad

Nagisa [PDF] [Midi]
Shio [PDF] [Midi]
Spring Wind -piano- [PDF] [Midi]
The Days’ Leisure [PDF] [Midi]

[SNES] – Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms [PDF] [Midi]
Fight Against Monsters [PDF] [Midi]
Geno Awakens [PDF] [Midi]
Hello, Happy Kingdom [PDF] [Midi]
Sad Song [PDF] [Midi]

[SNES] – Super Mario World

Athletic Theme [PDF] [Midi]
Overworld [PDF] [Midi]

[NDS] – Theresia

Maylee [PDF] [Midi]
Silenced Prayers [PDF] [Midi]

[N64] – Mario Party

Battle Canyon [PDF] [Midi]

[N64] – Mario Party 2

Horror Land [PDF] [Midi]

[GB] – Super Mario Land

Birabuto Kingdom [PDF] [Midi]
Chai Kingdom [PDF] [Midi]
Daisy [PDF] [Midi]
Easton Kingdom [PDF] [Midi]
Marine Pop / Sky Pop [PDF] [Midi]
Muda Kingdom [PDF] [Midi]
Staff Roll [PDF] [Midi]