Lead Sheets

The following lead sheets are in PDF format. Some tunes might offer multiple versions, with the “Master” version containing the most information at the expense of potentially being more pages in length.

[N64] – Bomberman Hero

Redial [PDF]

[SNES] – EarthBound

Battle Against a Weird Opponent [PDF]
Your Name, Please [PDF]

[GCN] – Pikmin 2

Wistful Wild [PDF]

[NDS] – Pokémon Black & White Versions

Anville Town [PDF]

[NDS] – Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Versions

Jubilife City [PDF]

[PC] – Skullgirls Encore

A Return To Normalcy [PDF]

[WiiU] – Splatoon

Bomb Rush Blush [Master] [Vocals Only]
Calamari Inkantation [PDF]
City of Color [Master] [Vocals Only]
Ink Me Up [Master] [Vocals Only]
Tide Goes Out [PDF]

[WiiU] – Super Mario 3D World

Chainlink Charge [PDF]