Getting Started: The Cave Story OST (No. 1)

Greetings, internet. Welcome to VGM (Video Game Music) Sheet Music by Olimar12345! This will be the place where I publicly post my collection of video game music arrangements, in the form of piano arrangement/transcriptions, lead sheets, and other miscellaneous things to come. All arrangements posted here and to be posted here are/will be of my own creation. I offer them for free download and do not monetize from them in any way; this is simply a hobby. To get things started, I present you all with my complete Cave Story Piano Sheet Music Collection! This new collection includes the complete OST in addition to a large number of extra tracks which were not included in the final game (beta music, unused music, duets, etc. see the complete list below).

Track List
01 Access
02 Gestation
03 Mimiga Town
04 Plant
05 Balrog’s Theme
06 Gravity
07 Cemetery
08 Safety
09 Mischievous Robot
10 Pulse
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