New Piano Sheets: Splatoon! (No. 5)

This update brings a whole new slew of arrangements from the Splatoon franchise! There are even some of the most recent musical additions, such as Blitz It! and Wave Prism by the Chirpy Chips, as well as the Octo Expansion Trailer theme!

[WiiU] – Splatoon
Bomb Rush Blush
Calamari Inkantation
City of Color
Ink Me Up
Ink or Sink
Maritime Memory
Now or Never! (Squid Sisters ver.)
Splattack! (in collaboration with BrainyLucario)
Tide Goes Out

[SW] – Splatoon 2
Acid Hues
Blitz It!
Bomb Rush Blush – DJ Octavio feat. Callie
Buoyant Boogie
Color Pulse
Deluge Dirge
Don’t Slip
Ebb & Flow
Low Tide
Miscellaneous Jingles
Muck Warfare
Now or Never! (Off the Hook ver.)
Octo Expansion Trailer
Salmon Run Tutorial
The Girl from Inkopolis
Tidal Rush – DJ Octavio feat. Callie vs Marie (Two Pianos)
Wave Prism

Head on over to my Piano Arrangements page to download them!

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