New Piano Sheets: Pikmin! (No. 24)

Today’s update features 25 Piano arrangements from the video game Pikmin. With this update, my Piano Arrangements page now houses over 400 arrangements! Enjoy!

[GCN] – Pikmin 
02 Carry, Fight, Increase and Be Eaten
03 Level Select
05 View
06 The Impact Site
07 The Forest of Hope
08 The Forest Navel
10 The Final Trial
12 Final Boss Battle
13 Challenge Mode
14-15 Results / New Record
16-17 Discovery of Onion / Meet the Pikmin
18-19 Finding of Parts / Finding Lost Pieces
20-21 Spaceship Part Obtained / Power-up!
22 Level Complete
23 Night Comes
24 My Mistake
25 Today’s Results
26 End of Day
28 Live as a Pikmin
29 Chapter Complete
30 Escape, go to Planet Hocotate
31 Journey Complete
32 People Who Helped
33 Creature Montage
34 Ai no Uta

(As you’ll probably notice, there are several holes in this tracklist. The missing tracks will be uploaded at a later date (once they’ve been completed), along with a master PDF file that will contain all of the tracks. Stay Tuned!)

Head on over to my Piano Arrangements page to download them!

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